These are some of the microphones I have on hand to use in my writing studios and recording sessions.


This was my first ‘proper’ large condenser microphone I bought around twenty years ago. Purchased after doing some blind tests with much more expensive microphones. To my ears – this captured more of the sound I could hear – rather than colouring it to favour a particular instrument.  It is still my main go-to microphone as it sounds so good. It’s also incredibly versatile – capturing great vocal performances, wind instruments, percussion and various guitars.


Much like the NT2 – with a few more options to tailor the sound for different applications. It’s a real work-horse of a microphone with a solid build – and suitable as a mobile solution to throw in the car when recording off site.


Good instrument microphones. Not so good on vocals – but still do a decent job. I mainly use these for percussion.


Shotgun Microphone for capturing directional sounds. Great for environmental sound effects.

BLUE Baby-Blu

Another impressive, affordable microphone. These make a great job of recording female and high male vocals. Warming up the 1-2k frequency spectrum, along with a gentle shelving on those unwanted higher frequencies.


Have iPhone – will travel. And record. So much better than the internal microphone. Makes a great job of recording material for sound effects – with the added bonus that you get to record the video of exactly what and how you recorded the sound source.Sounds great – adjustable – different patterns of stereo width and even mid-side. This goes everywhere with me.

Really Expensive Microphones.

When you really need to capture an incredible performance: Hire a great performer. Hire a great studio – with a great engineer – who will make a much better job of delivering a professional recording for you.