David Wise Music Composition & Sound Design

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country: The incredible Donkey Kong Country Series, developed whilst at Rare and more recently at Retro Studios in Austin, Texas. Featuring the loveable family of primates as they take on various challenges through a 2D side-scrolling adventure. I’ve … Read More

Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments Saxophone   Watch some really usefull musicians burn:


David Wise Live

Nottingham, Leeds, London, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Los Angeles, Washington, Mexico City, Kuwait City. Just some of the amazing locations I’ve been invited to talk at and play live demonstrations of some of my Video Game Music Soundtracks. Always … Read More


Battletoads More information and music coming soon. Hope you caught a glimpse of the Battletoads in the latest Spielberg Blockbuster: Ready Player One


GX 2018 Kuwait Bravewave Music Booth

Studio Gear

ADAM A77X Studio Monitors   Extremely Flat Extremely Accurate Extremely Loud   And I love them

Snake Pass

Snake Pass In 2016, I had the absolute pleasure to develop the music for the amazing Snake Pass by Sumo-Digital. The game is a physics based puzzle, a challenge that forces you to think like a snake in order to … Read More

Yooka Laylee

Yooka Laylee A Rare Team of developers Featuring the composers: Grant Kirkhope Steve Burke David Wise     and a Ukulele