Tengami Score



Koto inspired score for Tengami by Nyamnyam.

Snake Rattle and Roll Vinyl


Snake Rattle & Roll

Rare, in conjunction with Fangamer.com, have released both Snake Rattle and Roll Soundtracks in this fabulous collectable double sleeve vinyl album.

Rare and Fangamer Collectable Album

Along time ago, in fact sometime in the last Millennium in my relatively early days at Rare, I worked on a very loveable isometric game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

This game was known as Snake Rattle and Roll.

Based on the 50’s music style of 12 bar Rock’n’Roll, the player bops through an assortment of reptilian challenges.

Open the Battletoads Box

Once upon a time, I used to work for Rare, now part of Microsoft XBOX Studios.

Around 25+ years ago, I worked on the original Battletoads game.

And although I haven’t worked on this game, the talented David Housden composed and arranged the music for this new version, Rare very kindly sent myself and Kevin Bayliss an Influencers Box.

So here’s me, opening the box, so to speak.

And to see what myself and Kevin Bayliss are up to these days: please head over to www.dkcreationsltd.com and check out Salamandos. Our new collectible Music and Art project celebrating amphibians in a pseudo video game world.

Hello Mania DK Brazil

Mania DK Community: Brazil

A Facebook friend: Swanky Kong, aka Alison Maranho, from the Mania DK Community in Brazil, asked me if I would possibly send them a short message to say ‘Hello’.

Well here it is: