Salamandos Update


Coming in 2020 – the Salamandos Album and eBook from Kevin Bayliss and David Wise.


60 years of Rare Expertise…  


MAGfest 2020

The start of 2020 brings The Dave Wise Five all the way over to Magfest from the United Kingdom

With popular tunes from Battletoads, Starfox Adventures, Snake-Pass, Yooka-Laylee and of course: The Donley Kong Country series we plan to bring some Retro Gaming Nostalgia to the event.

Rumble in the Jungle

We’re joining the incredibly talented Mariachi Entertainment System along with the fantastic DJ Cutman for the Thursday Night Party featuring some seriously funky, intoxicatingly rocky renditions of some of Video Games finest covers.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there

The Dave Wise Five

David Wise, Kevin Bayliss, Nigel Atkins and Philip Jordan

will be playing live at


Featuring music from their own SALAMANDOS project, along with Donkey Kong Country, Starfox Adventures, Snake Pass and Yooka-Laylee


The Team

Live at Retrospillmessen


Salamandos: The new collectable Album, Art, eBook and more.

New Music, New Art, New Stories based on our new IP: Salamandos
Hear More

Philip Jordan

If you’ve heard Tropical Freeze or Battletoads – you’ve already heard Phil’s guitar. Now see him in action: LIVE!!

Kev Bayliss

3D model designer for Donkey Kong, Battletoads and Killer Instinct AND – A Fabulous singer too. Come and meet Kev and see him live.

Nigel Atkins

The heavy artillery that keeps the beat pumping .

MAGfest 2020

The Dave Wise Five will be appearing at MAGfest 2020, playing many familiar video game tunes from the last 3 decades.

Komplete 12 Ultimate


I’m presently downloading a few of the instruments from Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate.

I’ll post a few examples soon – but today I can start incorporating some of these new sounds into my latest compositions.


Native Instruments: Komplete 12 Ultimate


Retro Revival – Generation X

This Saturday, May 19th 2018 – I’ll be at Retro Revival Generation-X 2018 in Walsall. I’ll be there with several Rare / X-Rare people talking about the good-old-days of a previous gaming generation. Perhaps see you there?: Retro Revival Generation-X

I’ll be here with a few Rare / X-Rare people on Saturday 19th May 2018 @ 12 Mid-day.
Talking about the good old days at Rare
It’s at Bank’s Stadium, Walsall – just off J9 of the M6: WS1 4SA


REVIVAL: Generation X 2018 is the latest upcoming show from Revival Retro Events, featuring the very best in dedicated retro video gaming exhibits and unrivaled gaming atmosphere! With literally DOUBLE the floor space of the previous year, 2018’s main event will feature well over 250 playable systems and interactive attractions that will entertain any old school gamer, families, children and casual gamers alike, including:

  • Over 150 playable retro consoles and computers
  • Over 100 FREE PLAY video arcade and pinball machines
  • Filming of GamesAnimal TV, Dave Perry’s new gaming show
  • On-stage competitions and prizes
  • Large screen multiplayer experiences and system link-ups
  • An even larger selection of traders offering various retro collectables
  • Live special guest talks and interactive workshops
  • Reasonably priced, fully licensed bar and gamer’s snack bar serving hot and cold food
  • Accessible venue near M6 J9, with FREE Saturday and reasonable Sunday parking
  • Choice of nearby hotels with direct rail and bus links to the venue

Tickets Available Through the Ticket Tailor Website

As well as all the best retro gaming attractions, REVIVAL: Generation X will be focusing on the evolution of electronic entertainment experienced by gamers who got their first dose during the video game revolution that kicked off at the dawn of the 80’s. At double the size of 2017, the two major halls will each focus on a different period; the first will focus on the early days, with the dominance of the microcomputers and the golden age of the arcades. The second meanwhile will move into the 90’s, with the influence of the import market pushing the pursuit of the latest technology and the late resurgence of the arcades inspired by Japan!


Retrospillmessen 2017

Sanefjord, Norway. Host of Retrospillmessen 2017 and 2018.

The local area is so picturesque.

The town never gets completely dark at night in the summer, being so far north.

The heart of the center is based around the harbor and this impressive water statue.

A vibrant night life with restaurants, bars and live music.

And the sea food, as one might expect, is exceptionally fresh.


For more information on Retrospillmessen 2018 – have a look here:


Retrospillmessen 2017

Having met the other guests for breakfast – we decide we were going to take a walk to explore the surrounding area of Sandefjord.

Passing through beautiful forest scenery before arriving at Midtåsen: The beautiful former home of shipping magnate and philanthropist Anders Jahre.

The interior makes for a beautiful restaurant, although we sat outside and had a coffee. Could do better with the coffee – it was no Caffe Nero.

We then headed over to the sculpture park:

Featuring a selection of the works of Knut Steen in marble and bronze. The sculptures are placed within their own pavilion in the midst of beautiful natural surroundings

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