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Komplete 12 Ultimate

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  I’m presently downloading a few of the instruments from Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate. I’ll post a few examples soon – but today I can start incorporating some of these new sounds into my latest compositions.   Native Instruments: … Read More

Retro Revival – Generation X

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This Saturday, May 19th 2018 – I’ll be at Retro Revival Generation-X 2018 in Walsall. I’ll be there with several Rare / X-Rare people talking about the good-old-days of a previous gaming generation. Perhaps see you there?: Retro Revival Generation-X … Read More


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Retrospillmessen 2017 Sanefjord, Norway. Host of Retrospillmessen 2017 and 2018. The local area is so picturesque. The town never gets completely dark at night in the summer, being so far north. The heart of the center is based around the … Read More


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Retrospillmessen 2017 Having met the other guests for breakfast – we decide we were going to take a walk to explore the surrounding area of Sandefjord. Passing through beautiful forest scenery before arriving at Midtåsen: The beautiful former home of … Read More

Retrospillmessen 2017 Guests

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Retrospillmessen 2017 So among the many reputable guests at Retrospillmessen 2017, were the very distinguished Dr David Doak of N64 Goldeneye Fame and the Multi Platform Time-Splitters Series. Then of course we have The Completionist – who I’m sure you’ve … Read More


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I frequently get asked about the equipment I use in my studio. So I thought I’d start by looking at the microphones I use regularly: Microphones

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