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Spectrasonics: Bob Moog Tribute

David Wise

If you use Spectrasonics Omnisphere, you should get this.

Absolutely Amazing!!

Native Instruments: Massive

Native Instruments: Massive

David Wise

I've been trying to learn how to program this synth for what seems like years.

And now with a project starting that needs some Wavestation Style Movement, I thought it was time to do it properly.
Fortunately, the videos by John Lehmkhul, aka pluginguru.com, make learning this powerful synth blindingly obvious.

So with my first patch successfully finished, I can go back to composing some more music. As the sounds are so intertwined with the music composition, being able to build patches from the ground up is essential.

Plugin-guru Massive Video

This ones a basic overview of Massive

Plugin-guru Create Massive Patch

And this one follows on, being a lot more in depth

Blog test.

At long last I have finally got round to making time to put something in my blog section.